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Political ad. Paid for by Harold James Trombley Campaign.


James Trombley truly believe that life is an inalienable gift given to us by our Creator. This last session, despite being controlled by Republicans, the Legislature did not have the courage to even bring the heartbeat bill to a vote. Protecting the life of every Texan, including the unborn, will be James Trombley's highest priority when he is elected.

Property Taxes

Texas is currently tied with Vermont for having the sixth highest property taxes in the country. There is nothing less Texan than people being forced to pay property taxes so high that it forces them out of their home. When James Trombley is elected, he wont just fight to keep property taxes from going up, but will also fight to reduce them significantly.


As a veteran himself helping his brothers and sisters in arms live successful civilian lives is an issue that is very close to him. Texas genuinely has a heart for her veterans, but we still have a debt of honor to do more. Veterans experience homelessness at a rate far greater than the general population and also have double the suicide rate of civilians. When James Trombley is elected, he will work with state agencies to make sure that veterans have the resources and support that they need.


When the founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights they knew that there was no more sure way to prevent tyranny than to have an armed population. Beyond this, James Trombley believes that it is the natural right of every person to posses the means to defend the things that matter most to them against violence and theft.